Workshop Rates and Registration

4 Day AAC Workshops - $650

Student Discounts

  AAC course students (as of initial session of any workshop) are eligible to recieve $150 off from workshop fee, noting all non-workshop fees for the course program are subject to the terms and conditions not referred to in this section, related to non-workshop congoing ourse program study.

Some Additional Workshop Terms and Conditions

  All fees and schedules listed with workshops include the free initial demonstration session on the first date of the workshop, if one is being held. Workshop fee does not include additional material and modelling fees, where applicable. Additional fees for supplies, models etc. will be made known 21 days prior to all workshops and shall not exceed $75.

  Workshops fees exclusive of applicable registration and additional fees, are 40% refundable if requested by e-mail no later than midnight day prior to the day on which the third session of the workshop is held.

  All payments can be made in the form of personal cheque, cash, e-Interac. Personal cheques should be made out to: Academy of Art Canada Inc., e-Interac payments should be addressed to our g-mail address: (e-Interac payments are to be accompanied by a separate email to our same g-mail address indicating the password used to the security question.) We do not process credit or debit, thanks.

  Upon notification by the student to Academy of Art Canada that the student wishes to take the workshop, a $150 deposit toward all registration fees is due to confirm the registration of the student. The balance of all remaining applicable fees is due on the first day of the workshop, except where the student wishes to remit the balance due by e-Interac payment, required to reach our gmail account (as outlined above) within 24 hours prior to the first day of the workshop.) Please note, workshops not meeting minimum registration requirements may be cancelled with deposit refund.

  A $45 fee will be applied to any payment replacing an NSF cheque.